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Gorilla Wire Art in Seattle

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Ok, so I was walking through my neighborhood today when I came across this wire sculpture hanging from a fence post beneath the Fremont bridge (right between the Google and Adobe buildings).  It was clearly a gorilla art installation with a political message.  But the fact that this piece, which had obviously taken it’s creator hours upon hours to create, was left to the mercy of the elements and to the whim of opportunistic art-seekers such as myself, gave me the resolve to act.

The question: whether to leave it or take it?  I took it, thinking that it would be safer under my protection.  Anybody could have come by and ripped it out of its place and destroyed it.  I guess, in the end, by removing it and posting it here I’ve done it justice.  What’s your take…?

Installed on the fence...

final pic hanging from ceiling (my ceiling)

“identity for sale you pay companies to become billboards”

May you live longer here, dear art installation!

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Well, you’ve got to give him credit for re-tooling his image.  Hey, if your car breaks down, give this guy a call!

Hurray! Much better...

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