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Ballard Beaver’s Little Secret

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Out and about on Sunday I came upon a little park that runs down to the canal right behind the Ballard/Fremont Fred Meyer.  I thought it was a cool little discovery, …then I noticed the carnage that had taken place there.  The concrete walk that ran to the water was lined with a row of nicely kept cedars.  Or so I thought.  Then it struck me …more than half of the trees had been hacked down and carted off.  What the heck?, I said to myself.  Then I recognized the telltale toothmarks and knew that beavers had been at work.

Wow, right in our neighborhood there’s a troop of trouble-makers trying to pad their own nest.  I wonder how much it cost to plant all those trees (I count 23 that were chewed down)?  Here are some pics:

Toothy critters

All of these missing cedars were at least 10' tall!

Where is all this wood going to?  If you’re one of the beavers responsible for this, please leave a comment.


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02/03/2010 at 05:10

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